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Latest LMSV News

Signing the MOU with Education Ministry

Signing the MOU with Education Ministry to role out the LMSV program to all government schools


L - May 20, 2022

LMSV Recognized as an Outstanding Sustainable Rotary National Project

Little Minds Strong Values (LMSV) project was recognized as an outstanding sustainable Rotary National Project in Sri Lanka promoting values in children through video animated songs to create a civic-minded decent society in the future.


K - July 15, 2021

We thank the Rotary District Governors

LMSV team wishes to thank the Immediate Past District Governor Ajith Weerasinghe for the support rendered for the national program Little Minds Strong Values in the Rotary Year 2021-2022. At every opportunity IPDG Ajith spoke about the importance of ethics & values for Sri Lanka’s future and encouraged the Rotary clubs to participate making it a mandatory goal in the district citation.

The LMSV team also wishes to thank the current District Governor Aruni Malasekera for her support and for continuing this national program at the district level. The DG also hopes to introduce the project to the education ministry to take it to the next level and also to Rotary International once a few more English translations are complete.


J - AUG 16, 2021

Season 1 LMSV Competition Finals

In spite of the pandemic and closing of schools during the entire year from July 2020 through June 2021, we are happy to announce that Little Minds Strong Values (LMSV) Saaradharma Champion Season 1 competition was conducted with children participating from 18 districts (North, South, East & West) and also from Dubai. We witnessed some excellent singers with beautiful voices and lovely expression, good actors and good speakers who introduced the values in the songs convincingly, wearing appropriate costumes and using props; the judges selected 40 semi-finalists and 16 finalists.


I - June 12, 2021

A Message from Kushil Gunasekera

Little Minds Strong Values have never been that much more important, than right now.
In that context, this initiative to inculcate values and ethics in children, are of immeasurable significance.

These are the qualities that will shape and enrich the legacy of our nation.

I applaud Rukshan Perera and the Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan for this unique creativity at a time when it’s needed the most.

Kushil Gunasekera,
Founder—Foundation of Goodness and the Good Life Institute.


H - May 20, 2021

Gateway Schools incorporate LMSV program in their curriculum

We are honoured that Gateway Schools have incorporated the LMSV program in their curriculum. We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Harsha Alles, chairman of Gateway Group for his encouragement towards LMSV and using LMSV video animated songs to teach ethics & values to their school children. Gateway Schools have carefully selected the appropriate Sinhala & Tamil LMSV songs for Year 1 through Year 6.


G - May 20, 2021

LMSV 03 Year Anniversary and New Website Launch

The 3-year anniversary of LMSV was celebrated with a brand new enhanced LMSV website with several new features on the 10th of February 2021 - The district governor Ajith Weerasinghe, district governor elect Aruni Malalasekera and district governor nominee designate Jerome Rajendran joined the celebrations along with other Rotary presidents and the members of the Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan. District governor launched the website and cut the cake and congratulated the club for an out of the box solution to a critical problem the country is facing.


FEB 10, 2021

A message from the National Director of SOS Children’s Villages

At present, Sri Lanka is at crossroads in deciding the education of its younger generation.  There is a necessity to reform the general education of our children to develop the country economically as well as morally.  School education needs to produce worthy citizens who can effectively contribute to making this significant change a reality.   Little Minds Strong Values (LMSV) is an outstanding initiative that I think would bridge the gap and create a morally sound generation of children.  Mr. Rukshan Perera has used his expertise to touch the hearts & minds of all children through songs and creative visuals based on good values.   


F - APR 10, 2021

Service Above Self

LMSV chairman Rukshan Perera received the most prestigious Rotary award, “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”, which is given by Rotary International to selected outstanding Rotarians in the world each year who demonstrate their commitment to humanity by volunteering their time and talents within Rotary and outside of Rotary.


E - SEP. 19, 2020

An Approach to be on National TV

Met with ITN TV network chairman Mr. Sudath Rohana and his team for the 2nd time to discuss partnership with ITN. Decisions will be taken soon on the details of ITN partnership.


D - SEP 15, 2020

Rotary District Awards

Rotary year 2019-2020 was another fabulous year for the Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan members who volunteered in dozens of projects covering all areas of focus in Rotary to support the underprivileged communities, schools, hospitals, abused children, differently abled children, education, children’s homes, promoting ethics and values in the country, heart surgeries, Covid 19...etc. We are proud to have committed Rotarians in our club who volunteer their talent, energy and time to go beyond the norm and help communities in need around the country!!


C - SEP. 19, 2020

Partnering with Wijeya Newspaper

We are thankful to Wijeya Newspapers for partnering with Little Minds Strong Values. Through Wijeya, a major awareness campaign for Little Minds is already under way on Daily Mirror, Sunday Times, Lankadeepa, Tamil Mirror and Wijeya taking the project to all corners of the country. Muiyad Cadre and Rukshan Perera met with Wijeya Deputy Chairman Sujan Wijewardena to present the project.


B - AUG 23, 2020

Partnering with SOS Children's Villages

Rukshan Perera presented LMSV to SOS National Director Divakar Ratnadurai and his team. SOS is very keen on sharing the LMSV songs with all of their schools and is already preparing a program to take it forward.


A - JULY. 10, 2020

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